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Minchah Prayer

“…the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Matthew 26:41 AKJV


Father, Yeshua would have been comforted had he returned to them from His time with You, and found them active in prayer on His behalf. For after all He had confessed to them how He was so filled with sadness that He could die and had requested of them to “tarry” there with Him, keep watch while He prayed.

But “…their eyes were heavy…”


So many times Father, we can be excited by grand and triumphant thoughts, speak words of decision and promise for doing the right thing, doing the good thing, the well meaning thing… and do so with every intention… in the moment… to fulfill those words…yet fail to follow through with actions necessary to make thoughts and words a reality.


Actions may be slow in coming, may never come, because of fear; fear of confrontation, fear of the immediate consequences, maybe permanent consequences of our actions. We don’t know, looking forward. Will there be clumsiness, embarrassment? Will there be inconvenience, fatigue, sacrifice, maybe pain?

Our flesh is weak and too often Father the grand and triumphant thoughts/fantasies and powerful words are not followed by action.


Knowing this is scary Father.  Isn’t there a danger here that the inspiration of having these thoughts and words and the energizing and good feelings they inspire will become enough in themselves… and so… we become satisfied with only that?


The sad thing Father is that in those moments of truth that come from time to time we will be brought face to face with the “value-lessness” of those thoughts and words and the lack of character and strength that way of being implies about us.

And how does that make us feel… in our conviction… that many opportunities were missed… many times… and the number of opportunities  and the amount of time left is less and less… and consequently the amount of good that could be credited to our account becomes less and less?

You know our ways. So we suffer there. But what of those around us we care about and care about us? If they see how we are… are they not disappointed… maybe wanting, but not able, to love and respect us to the degree they would like to… to the degree we would want them too?


Father… in the knowledge of our weakness, we call on You for the provision of strong spirits able to take weak and persuasive flesh captive, and make it complete thoughts and words and good intentions… with discerning and wise action…

For the purpose of good!

Out of love for You… our close ones and our neighbor…

For Your glory!


In Yeshua’s name… Abba Dear Father…




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