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Minchah Prayer

“God blessed the seventh day and separated it as holy; because on that day God rested from all His work which He had created, so that it, itself could produce.” Genesis 2:3 CJB.


Father the reality of life for us now follows a sequence of life to death, But was it always meant to be that way?

In the Garden the only thing we see is life. There was no death. That came into being or maybe was released, by the heart of man through disobedience.

There in the Garden the reality was fruitfulness and multiplication. There was no mention of death.

There was life there in the Garden… created “…so that it itself could produce…” the only limiting factors being that all life would come into being and function according to a pattern and within a structure of laws that You set in place for it.

Plants with seed-bearing fruit at the starting line, set in motion by Your command, food to eat, seed to be planted. Seed germinates and grows and matures into more fruit-bearing seed and on and on.

The first child is born from seed planted in a wondrously, mysteriously and delightful act of oneness, grows and matures and itself continues the cycle of life according to the pattern, within the framework of Your laws, and so on.

In carrying the thought on Father, we might think, “Space is limited. How could this cycle of life continue if space wasn’t made by the removal of those who came  before, to make room for ones on the way?”

You are God, You can do all things… including creating a space that continues to expand within an existence that is eternal… infinite.


“…Enlarge the space for your tent, extend the curtains of your dwelling;

Do not hold back, lengthen your cords, make your tent pegs firm…

For you will spread out to the right and the left…” Isaiah 54:2,3 CJB


Only life Father… no death… impossible to visualize the vastness of the fellowship…or comprehend the intimacy of You with us and we with You.


It may be off the mark, these wanderings our minds take when lounging and feeding at the table of Your Word, but it is nothing but trying to imagine the how and purpose of the things You have done and what You have in store to do. Hopefully, You are glorified in our preoccupation of You. Please guide our thoughts as we dream Father and as we do so… may we remind ourselves… in many things we can imagine but in the end our knowledge is incomplete.

 Nevertheless You captivate us and how wonderful it is in quiet times with You that the subject of our conversation can be focused on You and us in a different place… for a moment or two, we move apart from the constant barrage of very real and present, very serious burdens, the very terrible troubles of this world happening right now…

in that different place refrain from our cries for relief, healing, comfort, provision, rescue, our multitude of need… those things You welcome us to bring to You and who only You can provide for and enable us to endure…

and we shift for a moment or two…

knowing You know already about everything that is going on and trusting You will work it all to good…

shift to another available path for assurance and peace and joy…

away from that of tears…

to just spending time and thought together with You, for the purpose of intimacy…

children with questions, playing a guessing game with You about the humanly impossible things You have done, the certain assurance that it is for good for us, and the puzzling question of  ? why?... Father.

Suffice it to say Father, we are more glad that it is so than concerned about why. Though if we knew for sure the why of it we might be even more overwhelmed and dumbfounded, unable to bear the love of One for ones so unworthy, unable to, in any way, speak a blessing or praise or give worship in response… that is commensurate with what You have done or are worthy of.

Still it is all so.

Thank You Father.

We rely on You to be our strength and shield…

We pleasure in the nearness to You that You are willing to share.

You are so good.


In Yeshua’s name we pray…




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