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Minchah Prayer 4-27-22

Help us to come to accepting knowledge that we are not the masters of our own fate, that we do not determine in our own minds how we are to be, that we are not an authority unto ourselves.

That might be so in a system where there is no order and no regard for others but You are God of order and established right and wrong. There is no other and no other way.

You made us and gifted us and have purpose for us, each according to Your design. It is You who have done it and it has as its end good for us.

It is for us to recognize this and surrender to Your will and guidance.

In a world that teaches self and the desires for self as the ultimate high calling, the right and ability of each person, and that we on our own can get it right…it is for us to come to the realization that this is a false teaching.

We need You Father in order to know and become who we are and we need You to guide us to that place.

We need to come to acceptance of such knowledge… and humility in the face of it Father. We say that because we are aware of our own stubbornness and pride that leads us astray even when in the midst of daily life You have sent sound thought and right actions our way.

We may make plans but… we know Father… You direct our steps. And we know Father that it is in knowing Your Word and by Your Spirit, and these in the council and actions of others, who walk with You, that we come to know You and be like You more fully.

May we be, each one of us, with that portion of the knowledge of You and Your ways You have given us, seek and be unified with others and that portion of the knowledge of You that You have given them… so that we might help one another avoid error and become a truer and fuller image of Your perfect self… to Your glory Father.

To that end Father may there be in us a spirit of humility…

May there be a willingness and obedience to submit ourselves to one another, guided by You, to aid one another in becoming who You want us to be and be… as that person… faithful and true to Your ways.

May we be active in encouraging and correcting one another and be grateful for the learning process that we might grow nearer to You and one another... that You might be glorified Father… and we blessed…

we pray…

in Yeshua’s name…


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