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Minchah Prayer 4-13-22

“…Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning…” Psalm 30:5 AKJV

But Father what of those whose nights are very long…seem to have no dawn bringing with it hope and joy?

What of those people suffering circumstances overwhelming to them that have left them with a sense of being completely alone with no place to be, nowhere to go, no one…living each day with an outward show of energy and activity but inwardly in despair…despair for which there seems that no consolation, no comfort, no point anymore exists, in whom no longer exists a regard for, or love of, even their own lives?

Father…would that no one should live in such utterly complete dark aloneness, especially those a part of Your family, close and all around them… who walk with

Your Spirit, in likeness of, and with, Your heart and mind.

Father…that our contact with others would convey a spirit of caring for others that gives relief, something that gives respite from the cares they are enduring and that they can walk away from feeling… better… trusting, that all that is going on will work for good, that they can walk away with renewed strength and optimism with which to continue on.

Father that we who negotiate our own darkness would share the light You bring to our lives with those who, in a weak state, straggling behind and being preyed upon by the evil one, are blind to Your light, and that our light shared with them will bring their path back into view and we walk together to that time and place where there is no more darkness.

Father…that we would live each day with Your heart of love for others in us…and in addition to that, be sensitive to Your promptings, and obedient to them.

Only You know the heart of a person. Only You know what is needed. May we simply rely on You and not question.

Father…may we one day stand before You and in asking: “Did we do well…when did we…? And who was it…?” You respond: “You did… living Your lives in My Name, in obedience to Me… ministering… knowingly and more importantly unknowingly, to those I have sent your way, whether briefly or for a season.

You glorified Me and loved your neighbor. Well done.”

Father a prayer from the heart that You would comfort and encourage all who are even now perceiving pointlessness and hopelessness.

Rescue us from the witness. and them from the experience, of such a tragic and unnecessary state of being.

We pray in Yeshua’s name to You… most tender, compassionate One…

Blessed are You, Oh God, our God, source of morning light and the joy it brings.


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