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Minchah Prayer

Father… we just need You.

In the morning when we wake and we have difficulties and troubles to face, we need You, Father, for the provisions of understanding, for decision-making wisdom, for the will to act and not procrastinate or run and hide.

We want You to be near, to walk with an awareness of companionship with You as we go. There is comfort in Your nearness.

Or in those days when all is well and every circumstance, we find ourselves in seems effortless, satisfying … a day when all is well… we need You then, Your nearness, even more so… gratitude and thanksgiving are in order. Humble Father, we should be… it is You who have provided and made it possible for things to be so and we need to remember that and give You glory. In times of blessing may we guard against becoming prideful, think we don’t need You and in our pride drift from that same nearness to You we are so desperate for in times that aren’t so good.

Thank You, Father.

It’s always so good…

In Yeshua’s name,



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