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Minchah Prayer

Good morning Father.

Thank You for making this new day and giving it to us.

May everything we do, we do as unto You.

May it be that… “doing all things as unto You”… springs from the new creature we are… from a transformed mind and heart… that naturally desires and moves thought and body to please You.

May You indeed be pleased and may the spirit You have housed in these physical bodies, experience a touch of Your approval and Your pleasure.

May the peace and pleasure of Your approval be greater reward for us than what we might experience in heeding the flesh.

When we struggle with emulating You in the scenarios of each day, make us truly aware that even so… we are truly blessed… truly, more than we realize.

It is because of Your graciousness and that alone.

We are Yours

You are ours.

May that reality simplify our thoughts and decisions.

Thank You Father…

Abba… Dear Father…

We pray in Yeshua’s name…



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