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Minchah Prayer

“…No one is good except God…”

How have we gotten to where we are now, Father?

You are good…and You do good. We have only to look to You as the example we should follow.

But even when starting correctly, the ambitions we have and the desires of our hearts can… have… and do… become corrupted.

We entertain the whispers in our ears of the Adversary and are deceived into thinking that what is good is whatever we consider in our own minds is right. And so we begin devolution into the image of, and our motives and motivations become characterized by, the evil one.

Father… that there would be an illuminating, convicting movement of Your Spirit in our nation. We have gone astray. Good and evil are not judged using Your Word as their guide. Justice is not without deference as You instruct and command… independent and uninfluenced by power or the lack of it.

The pursuit of unrestrained power, immunity from accountability, the pursuit of personal comfort, pleasure and ease are goals that have redefined what is good, corrupted our behavior and replaced Your purposes for us.

We are deceived to be so confused and lead astray.

Your Word, is perfect and right and good. It… is the guide we should follow.

We pray to You Father…

grant us clear understanding of the wrongs in us and of our times…

grant us correct understanding and application of Your Word… in order to stand and speak Your mind/ our mind, against these wrongs…

May it be our goal Father…

To be the images of Your Beloved One…

In our lives, to be “blameless… upright… fear You… and shun evil…

Glory to You… peace and joy in us.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


Mark 10:18 CJB

Job 1:8 CJB.


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