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Minchah Prayer

It’s not always easy Father, to do Your will.

Sometimes we hesitate because we don’t want to. It will involve some degree of sacrifice… of comfort, convenience, or resources.

Sometimes we hesitate because it may require the approval or involvement of others. Our obedience is in jeopardy because of what we think others may or may not think of us personally.

These thoughts pop up in our minds Father. There is no way to hide the thoughts and the struggle. You see it happening.

You see as we try to come up with a way to respond in obedience that is easy, more comfortable, less demanding for ourselves, and in the event we are willing for our own part, even to the point of personal sacrifice, You see us trying to find a way to gain from others, agreement, approval, and in cases, their necessary help.

The prayer Father is each day in all the activities and people we are involved with that You would be working in our new person that we would have a great desire for and a joy in, knowing and doing Your will… that it would not be inquired of with a sense of uneasiness or responded to conditionally.

The prayer is, that we would simply want to know what You want so that we can go ahead and do it.

The prayer is that this would become, more and more, our natural being… the frame of mind and heart we would have in the way we deal with the voice of Your Spirit within…

and that we would trust You.

May we draw encouragement and strength through belief and trust in the truth that… “if You are with us… whom do we need fear?”

May we continually be perfected… in loving, glorifying, and honoring You…

Father, we pray… in Yeshua’s name…



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