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Minchah Prayer

But Father it was not convenient, it is not fitting into my plans. Couldn’t this prompting have come up when I was starting this day, making my plans? Why now as I’m on my way and have something else to do?

How many times Father have Your children ordered their actions according to what they thought would be pleasing to You…or what is needed by someone else… instead of inquiring first of You apart from what our thoughts were… and ordering our actions that way…

instead of seeking to know what form our “helpfulness” to another should take other than deciding ourselves through the imaginings of our own mind?

How many times have we been brought up short to pause, refrain from the direction of the moment, to do something different, alter our immediate plans in obedience to a prompting of Your Spirit… and grumbled?

How many times have we been in the midst of doing something we see as good yet in the process find ourselves not a peace with Your Spirit when You interrupt the flow of our plans with something that inconveniences… that doesn’t dovetail nicely… and we just move on?

Father as we go about the day may Your Spirit affect us strongly, be clearly audible in our thoughts as we go… to that something You want done… the unforeseen…that You insert ... and we be obedient to, include it … not ignore it or put it off to a more opportune time.

Father… be our guide… that Your will be done… not ours…

so that You be glorified...

that others might be rightly blessed…

that You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


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