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Minchah Prayer

Father, we thank You for Yeshua’s sacrifice which brought to fullness what the sacrifices of old could not. By one act we can now, through our faith and trust in Him, be found acceptable to You and able to draw near. We thank You that the old nature is dead and replaced now with a new nature of Your crafting and we are indwelt with Your Spirit. The sin offerings and peace offerings of today are the continual sacrifices of prayers acknowledging wrongdoing, remorse, and repentance, of submitting our will to Yours of reaffirming we belong to You, an effort on our part to be at peace with You. Now when we ask that You forgive our trespasses it is not for the intentional or unintentional sins that are the fruit of the old wanton nature that is no more but are for the times when in our Walk as a new creation, we stumble. The spiritual body is clean but the feet will still need cleaning… made possible through the sacrifice of Yeshua. Now we offer prayers of thanksgiving to You for a meal offering, to fellowship with You, breaking the bread of Your Word for our spiritual health, and feeding on the food You provide our bodies for physical health. We take our meals Father, on that which You provide. Our sacrifices Father, that which we offer You are all voluntary, a means not to earn or pay back but to express our love for You, and to achieve our heart’s desire to be close… and to remain close. What we could not do on our own Father… You have made it possible. It is a mystery why to us but we will take it, Father, You will see this good work You have started come to fruition no matter how many times and in ways we manage to foul things up. Thank You for Your love and patience Father… we praise and pray… in Yeshua’s name… Amen.

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