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Minchah Prayer

Father, there are wrongs being done, man against man, that are particularly evil. And it’s possible that all wrong doing towards others has at its core, a common spirit.

But as we look around us and we see the various ways in which we are wronged and so brought to harm there are some by which we clearly see great evil.

What it seems, Father, is that there is in the folks who carry out these particular evils, the spirit of Amalek. It is that spirit that seeks to steal and bring harm on people by targeting the most vulnerable and attacking those who cannot defend themselves. They hide and reach out from some hidden, and for all intents and purposes invisible, place, across great distances to take hostage the treasure of people’s lives… to break into and defile the privacy of people’s lives, wreaking upset and a sense of helplessness, spiritual and physical.

When we see or hear of it, when we experience it, we are affected emotionally in many ways but ultimately one very strong desire is, not just to find these people but to make them pay, and make them pay in a way that is so painful and in the end so destructive to them that they never do, or can do, this again. What is in us is a desire for revenge. It is a desire for pleasure, to us a justifiable pleasure, in the suffering of another for what they have done. It’s a pleasure for which there are no limits and for which there is no accountability.

Love your enemies, You say. Vengeance is Yours You say.

You give us rules of conduct and rules for justice when the rules of conduct are broken, but vengeance, is something beyond justice not permitted us… at least not yet it would seem.

Why are we not allowed? We know of it. But do we know it?

Maybe we can do justice if we follow Your rules but vengeance is going beyond our ability to…even though evil has been done:

know Your will for another’s soul,

know Your will for the lives of those wronged…

and hinder us from becoming forgivers, regardless of wrongs done us.

Father…there really is going to be revenge isn’t there?

In Your Word Father there is a cry in with a loud voice:

“…Sovereign Ruler, HaKadosh, the True One,

How long will it before You judge the people living on earth and avenge our blood?”

There it is. But only You can determine when justice includes vengeance.

Is it that for us now, justice include forgiveness, be sufficient?…

and that we who have wronged, even in the spirit of Amalek have opportunity to repent?…

we who have been wronged have the opportunity to emerge from trial more like You?… exacting justice but for our part now…


able at a time of You choosing and according to Your wisdom… be able to be used of You to take part in a thing called vengeance?…and…

it be properly in the spirit of justice?

“…Let the high praises of God be in “our” throats,

But a two-edged sword in “our” hands

To carry out vengeance on the nations,

and punishment on the peoples,

to bind their kings with chains,

And put their nobles in irons,

To execute the judgments decreed for them;

For this will glorify all His faithful… Halleluyah!”

As we, Your own, glorify You on earth…

May we be glorified in heaven.

Oh Father…

We are not ready yet for something so heart hardened and final.

That though we be angry…

we would not sin.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…

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