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Minchah Prayer 2-23-22

We thank You Father for the underlying joy we have yoked with You… continuously present and manifesting itself differently according to circumstances we are in... good or bad.

In both we can draw strength and assurance…wellness of soul… from that joy no matter what we are facing… moment to moment… day to day… year to year.

It is independent of pain or pleasure… success or failure…always sustaining.

Only in closeness to You… through Your ableness to bring about such a condition in us and Your love and graciousness to do so…can we experience such a thing.

For that alone we give thanks and pray wisdom and will to not allow ourselves to be separated from that joy …

…when in difficult times we experience the very real power of very real circumstances that painfully overwhelm…

…when in easy times we can self-deceive into thinking the good is our own doing.


You bless over and above.

There are times when off that underlying and continuous current of joy there arises to the surface a branch that especially blesses… a time and experience of happiness in the midst of all the other goings on.

For a duration of time… of Your determining… You open our eyes and tender our hearts… give our minds comprehension so that we might experience a good and the depths of goodness in it beyond what we would normally realize. A taste of heaven Father?

You do it with the whoever-s and whatever-s in the moment Father.

Glancing at our spouses and in a flash seeing the history of years shared… bodies aging but devotion and desire for one another that hasn’t diminished, driving down the road and visualizing family we share our homes with… the love between…the tie that binds, time spent with friends with whom we shared and share time and confidences and in whom we can trust… a friendship of great worth, brothers and sisters in the faith at a gathering… in times of discussion… helping, being helped… growing in love for one another, a time in life… a present commitment that is meaningful…

special moments, special times of insight that well up a happiness in us as You make us able to see how blessed we have been and are… and for a time… with hearts You have made sensitive in a special way… to experience a small taste of the good that awaits.

May we… but be receptive.

Blessed are You…Oh God…who works all things to good for those who live according to You purposes…and others as well…

For the underlying joy that flows regardless of circumstances…

For those times of happiness along the way… side currents off the river of Your peace and joy… that are tied to circumstance…

Thank You Father.

You… are… so good.

In Yeshua’s name…


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