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Minchah Prayer 09-07-22

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

One day Father, each of us will have a personal, one on one appointment with You and at that time and place of Your choosing, You will examine the history of our lives, review with us the things we thought, the words we spoke, what our actions were and the motivation behind them.

It will be a final examination of the selves we were, giving each of us an explanation for and an understanding of why our eternal health will be what it will be.

At that time there will no longer be counsel for improving our health… medications prescribed for restoring health.

At that time our condition will be unalterably the product of all we have done… or not done, along the way.

Would it not make sense Father, to have a sort of ongoing quality control of our conduct daily… a final inspection, so to speak, to examine and make sure our behaviors and motives are right and honoring before You and to You?

And as the days culminate to a yearly end Father… that we would spend time now, in this life, while there is yet time to correct… exercising in self-examination of the past year, listening to the voice of Your Holy Spirit as it goes over the test results with us and prescribes advice for improvement where we are ailing?

May self-examination and evaluation be an integral part of daily life for us Father, not a burdensome, tiring exercise we feel obligated to do… a tool Father, we are grateful to have, that allows us to get things right, be pleasing to You… and to be a blessing to others.

May these combined be medicinal, taken every day, rid us of major problems, be the exercise that strengthens our spiritual and physical condition, and be the supplement that aids continual and ongoing improvement.

May we have hearts desiring Your guidance and wills to follow in obedience.

May it be our desire and joy to so live… honoring You and giving You glory.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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