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Minchah Prayer

“…But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion on them, because they were faint (harried and helpless), and were scattered abroad, as sheep having no shepherd…” Matthew 9:36 AKJV, (CJB)

Father… form in us a heart like Yours, Yeshua Messiah.

Regardless of how those folks were in relation to You…You felt compassion… a manifestation of love… for them.

Though they may not have known You… or known You, maybe, only from a distance… You knew them and intimately so, because after all, through You, Yeshua Messiah, all of them/ and we/and those who will be…were created.

Theirs/our, creation was a labor of love. How else can we interpret Your motives other than that of desire for loving relationship to be shared with You… when You sacrificed as You did to assure us a Way to be with You?

Maybe Father the diamond in the rough in us all is that we do to some degree or other, experience friendliness and good will towards others, we do, at some point or other, have empathy for folks in their circumstances, and that this is a hint of You out of a place You have created for Yourself in us all… and a call.

You loved them…just because…

and in spite of knowing many would fight You, would see no value in You.

Ignorance? They know not what they do? Evil?

Never mind. Your creation. And You wanted them.

The prayer Father is that we would take the hint, follow it to its Source and that that shadow of love within us for one another would be perfected into Your real and meaningful love... independent of, not dependent on, circumstances or any response that results…

perfected Father to the transforming more and more of our nature to Yours…

to be powerful as an influence for altering the course of lost lives.

May we be more like You, Father, understand and acknowledge that the source of everything good is You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


Whatever good thought in the mind of a man… whatever kind and wise word he speaks… that good that kindness… that wisdom, springs from the fountainhead of Good…our Master and Father God.

From the Spirit of God’s Word we have:

“Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged,

sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong.

Sometime in life…you will have been all of these.”

Given in some form or another by many a thoughtful created being past.

From the Word and Spirit of God we have:

“…For at one time, we too were…

…But when the kindness and love for mankind of God our Deliverer was revealed,

He delivered us… Titus 3:3,4 CJB


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