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Minchah Prayer

Father… there seems to be a very fine line over which it is easy to step.

Looking down into a cup out of which steam wafts upward off the surface of a golden brown liquid, the first sip of which has such a delightful and comforting taste and seemingly, the spirit is comforted and the mind set free…

Or looking up into a cloudless, clear… crystal clear… cold night sky and gazing at a perfectly defined thin slivered new moon crescent, of white light… and being transfixed by its beauty, time standing still… and one stands motionless for who knows how long.

We mistakenly attribute to these things and other things like them power to touch us and so see them and go to them as sources of pleasure and wonder. And they are that but they are created things, and as we are experiencing these things we are so caught up in them that we forget… focus on them… and neglect to look beyond them to the Source.

You are the Source. You created these things of pleasure and beauty and You created us with the capacity to experienced them. And as we experience them, should we not make that experience complete by recognizing that You are the One who has chosen to create this cosmos in which there is beauty and wonder and order… and it is good… and You chose to create in us the capacity to appreciate it, be grateful for it and be inspired to a love for its Creator… and give You glory?

It’s an easy line to cross, becoming so enraptured by the gift that we neglect the Gift Giver.

Father we are so small in our thinking and so easily distracted.

Quicken Your Spirit which:

Broods and hovers over those who have yet to meet You that they might know this is not accidental, a consequence of endless time and randomness but is thought out, with purpose and it is benevolent.

Quicken Your Spirit which:

dwells within those yoked with You, in The Way, to remind us You are the source of every good and perfect gift, that the joy and peace we have is not in the pleasure or beauty of the gift but in the One who created… and then gave it… to us.

You are a mystery Father.

But thank You that You have chosen to do things as You do and that the intent of Your mind and heart has been a cosmos…an existence in which there is exchange of love for love.

Walk with us please… and guide… for without You there is no hope for us to successfully be what You have envisioned and purposed.

Blessed are You… Oh God… Abba Father…

There is none like… There is no other…

In Yeshua’s name we pray…



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