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Minchah Prayer

Father… You never abandon or forsake Your children.

The lights that burned for eight days on a one day supply of oil are testimony to that.

In the midst of dark times and great persecution suffered it would have seemed to many that You had turned Your face from them.

But a remnant continued in faith regardless of the outcome. And this particular battle was won.

As a quiet word of confirmation that it was You and not they, the candles burned, You were with them all the time.

What would the victory of the battle been without the miracle of the lights?

If we look diligently enough Father would we not see a small miracle in all our dark times when we are wondering…”Have You forgotten us?”… “Carest Thou not we perish?”…we cry out to You.

Oh we of little faith. Help us not to be…please.

There are many times of trouble when there is not a miracle from heaven.

You do not always answer the way we want You to.

Are You not always “with” us though?

Your Word gives us accounts testifying to the truth of it, and traditions passed down to us examples as well.

And do You not work Your aid and comfort and Your fellowship through we of Your family towards one another, even towards those not yet a part ? Is this not an ongoing miracle of Your presence with us. Unspectacular, common place but Emanu’ el, God with us never the less…

something only You could do?

Your Face is certainly towards the ones who You love.

May our faith grow strong, our faces be towards You.

May we recognize that life itself is a total miracle…

That You are good and…

You do good…

and take heart… in all circumstances.

Be our strength Father.

Be our strength.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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