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Minchah Prayer 12-29-21

Humbly before You and desirous of Your comfort and peace and joy here in our waking hour…before this grey light turns to bright day and we get caught up in activity…here we are and happy to be so.

What a pleasure it is to linger a few moments more beyond our sleep… with You…minds and hearts emerging from rest…quietly open…reflective…able to receive something more about a thought or word …concerning anything flowing out of sleep thought into conscious thought.

What a pleasure to glean a new understanding or insight, there with You, about a circumstance or a word that makes things clear…adds more to what we thought we already knew…and the experience wraps us in a spirit of well being.

You are God and Father.

We will trust and lean on You.

And You will work all things to good.

Thank You Father for sleep and rest.

Thank You for the quiet moments with You and Your speaking into receptive minds those things You give us to know.

Thank You Father for the “it is wellness” in our spirits.

It is there in our sleep and carries us through the day.

How wonderful it is to be a child of the King.

Bless us and keep us this day we pray.

May we walk in a way that moves eyes to You.

May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we offer up our morning sacrifice of praise and worship to You.



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