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Minchah Prayer 12-22-21

So a couple of days ago Father You blanketed us over with low grey clouds, dimmed the light and released upon us moisture You had gathered… small, cold droplets of clear, clean water, showering steadily down, washing the air, pooling and covering every square inch of ground, drenching the earth and soaking into it, softening it, nourishing it…not a thin sheet through which we could reach out and thrust our hand and it be dry on the other side… but a column of poured out droplets, so close to each other and multitudinous in number that it was almost like a solid flow…miles wide all around us.

Do we see Your grandeur, Your power, or recognize that what we see and feel is the bringing into being the imaginings of Your mind… in just this one single, simple example of Your total creation… that of a rainfall?

Who of us… from the beginning… a single person or an assembly, could create every element needed, arrange it in sequence and put it into motion, without ceasing, and it work so perfectly?

Only You Father.

Where do we come by our fantasies, our delusions of grandeur about ourselves, that keep us in a never ending focus on our own works, fascinated and putting trust in the things and ways we have made.

Where is there proof in our history that at any time, through any thing we have established or made of ourselves, that any of it has brought about the ongoing, incorruptible benefit to us that a single rain drop did and does and will continue to do?

Our thoughts and our works Father…are our own…they are not inhabited by Your Spirit, motivated and carried out in Your will…we would be as You…without You.

We would love and glorify ourselves and then maybe…”graciously” present ourselves before You… fresh from walking about to and fro on the earth.

Some of us are knowingly arrogant… some of us “cluelessly” so.

But You are patient and forgiving Father…for we know not what we do.

Bring us Father to a place… give us even a small glimpse of Your eternal unlimited and perfectly good self…that we just aren’t… and makes us perfectly aware that nothing we do or make of ourselves…of ourselves…will bring about the ongoing perfect good You planned and continue to plan for us.

Continue Abba…Dear Father… to send rain drops of You into our lives and enable us to recognize them… as a glimpse of You and be humbled and blessed and reminded that You are real and present…that You love us and we be moved to put our trust in You…to praise and glorify You…in all the work we do…with all our being.

Open our eyes please.

May our daily walk begin on our knees and the wise understanding that apart from You nothing we think or do has true and lasting good.

You are good…and You do good…

Your works and ways are awesome and beautiful…

The whole earth is filled with Your glory…

Open our eyes please…we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…


“Walk to begin on our knees taken from

“From Heavens Point of View.

Written by: Carroll Megruder, Kevin Wright, Charles O. Isbell & Chris Campbell

Sung by: Jessy Dixon


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