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Minchah Prayer 12-15-21

Abundance…maybe better said… perception of abundance, can entice us to be wasteful.

Abundance of time…better said…the perception that there is an abundance of time… entices us with a deception that we can engage in pursuits of momentary gratification, even with seemingly small portions of our time…and still have time to engage in and complete really meaningful pursuits in this life.

The fact is…there is never so much time that we can be casual with it.

So maybe our prayer could be:


Knowing …

“…(our) days are fixed in advance, the number of (our) months is known to You and have fixed limits which (we) can’t cross…”


“…(we) don’t even know if (we) will be alive tomorrow…for all (of us) are mist that appears for a little while and then disappears…”


Father, “…teach us to count our days, so that we will become wise…”

Instill in our minds the ability to discern between what is less meaningful and what is more meaningful before we pay out with our allotted time.

Teach us please, to be aware our days are numbered, and no one knows his number.

May this lead to wisdom in choosing what we dedicate our allotted time to.

May there be not an anxious urgency but a steady pressing forward in calm and confidence that being in Your will gives.

May satisfaction and joy… out of those pursuits, whose value we paid for in seconds, minutes, hours and days… far outweigh the value of any fleeting gratifications the thousands of worldly distractions lure us with.

May the knowledge that time is limited… and with that… Your guidance in the wise and disciplined use of it…with these may we avoid the pitfall of wasting ours and engage in a walk with You and one another… a walk that has quality and meaning and wins for us Your approval.

Thank You Father for the blessing of life… for Your Fatherhood, for the wonder of Your very Self, the wonder of Your creation, the gift of Yeshua…for time now and eternity later when and where there will be no limits.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


Job 14:5 CJB.

James 4:14 CJB.

Psalm 90:12 CJB.

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