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Minchah Prayer 11-18-21

We need You, Father, first thing in the morning before we start.

Indeed we cannot comfortably start, something would be lacking, the day would not be all it could be, if we did not first touch base with You…bless You…call on You to bless; “Thank You Father for the sleep… You are so good… Be near…We bless You Father… Please bless us.”

May there be in us a spirit of humbleness in all we do, a desire to do good and do it well as honor to You and as a goodness towards our fellow man.

May giving import and recognition to the ideas and labors of others… be something that comes easy to us, be what we would naturally do in working together.

May we be willing to be subject to one another with the goal that we be lifting each other up.

May the reality of the way we are with one another… and may it be a sincere motivation in our heart and mind… please and glorify You.

Please continue being patient with us in our short comings Father we pray. Invest in us time and instruction and Your hand.

Help us to perfection.

Bring us into harmony with one another… in our homes Father between those very close and dear…within the fellowship of Your Saints Father… as we conduct our lives by the leading of Your Word and Spirit.

May the power of Your Word and Spirit in us and our submissiveness to them be a means to harmony between all people…whosoever will.

May we be Your vessels for the good of one another.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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