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Minchah Prayer 10-27-21

“…We love Him, because He first loved us…” 1 John 4:19 AKJV

Father…if we would have the love of our children, if we desire the hearts of our children turn to we, their fathers…do we not have to first love them?

Father…would that we fathers, co-creators with the mothers of our children…contemplate the womb bound child even before it emerges into this world and become aware, even before seeing them with our eyes, of our responsibility to provide and protect and care for these little ones and that awareness awake in us a serious commitment to be with them doing just those things and not ever forsaking them.

Would that we would be men…fathers… living examples of that half of “one flesh” You ordained… with our own unique characteristics… physical and mental, emotional and spiritual that You endowed us with for the purpose of fulfilling our part of Your plan in raising our kids.

As they grow Father… may they witness this man in their lives to be one who, in acknowledging short comings and inadequacies, will not lean on his own understanding but prayerfully and with trusting, acknowledge You and order his life after Your ways… and then witness him move forward confidently, purposefully, in consistence with what he professes.

May our children see in us no fear of hard work…honest hard work… a daily presence in their lives expressing physical love and affection… attentiveness to teaching them the valuable lessons for living that are rooted in Your Word… attentive to and active in seeing to their physical and mental nourishing and maturing… a buffer and filter between them and the world and its ways while equipping them to be able to stand up to the world and its ways without faltering, for the time will come when their father may not be there and they will have to stand for themselves.

Whether they see it or not or ever find out about it, may we…and grant wisdom and selflessness to do it… may we not over sacrifice on the altar of personal ambition and self gratification… and deprive our children and our wives, of our needed presence in their lives that they might intimately know us and have the assurance of how much they mean to us.

May they grow up safe in our protection and care. May they have a sense of that that is never even thought about.

May they grow up trusting us… able to come to us… concerning any issue… and find… a listener… one who is fair minded… right minded… and selfless in evaluation… given in a spirit of love and… out of love for them… given with their good in mind… and may they find us standing by them.

May they know inwardly Father… that they are loved… “womb bound” in our love… that there would never be a fear of abandonment or being shunned.

They are ours… our sons and daughters… and no one else’s.

We are Your creation… Yours and no one else’s.

Guide us Father… we pray to You… to be fathers, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves, whose hearts are turned to their children…and that our love towards them will turn their hearts to us… and they love us in return.

In all our ways we strive Father… help us to be successful… to pattern ourselves after You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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