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Minchah Prayer 10-20-21

Father…may there be in us an understanding that time is too valuable to spend any of it out of character… that character that reflects Your attributes… and that we would strive in all things to grow more like You with each step forward… and incorporate that developing image into all aspects of our daily pursuits and behavior towards one another.

Beginning with and especially in our family lives Father…may we live with one another and treat each other daily in ways that reflect true love and affection… according to Your design and in Your character… and at core… no matter the issues at hand… there would never be any doubt that our family unit is one…husband and wife…parents and children… brothers and sisters... that there is a tie of belonging, of familiarity, of trust and safety…that binds… and continues to exist…through time and whether near or far apart.

Whether in times we enjoy together or in times when there are hard things to work through… may our actions and our behavior be guided by Your instructions and always have a spirit of good will and love about them…a desire for the good of one another… that is Your Way.

Be near Father…and may Your image and attributes be reflected by us as individuals, by us as families and extend from there into the community and world we live in.

All to bring You glory Father…and to enjoy knowing we belong to You.

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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