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Minchah Prayer 10-13-21

“…be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might…” Ephesians 6:10 ESV

“…Stand therefore!…” Ephesians 6:14 ESV

Father… we pray.

We bring everything and share it all with You, we discuss it all with You…because after the praise, after sincere thanksgiving, after expressing heartfelt that we love You and sense in our hearts that You love us…there are the troubles, not just our own but those of others that have asked asked us to join them in laboring through and even if they haven’t asked we see and respond…so we yoke ourselves with them and add our prayers to theirs and stand together with them before You…because we know…we look and see that they are in hard times and we know…the enemy is near, stalking, probing for a moment of weakness and vulnerability when defenses are down and they are exposed… he can attack and hurt… intensifying their pain, the difficulty in deciding what to do and how to do it, the anxiousness about outcomes…in hard circumstances, difficult circumstances he can pressure them and weaken their hope and confidence and weaken their ability to be strong and at peace. Hard times in all their forms are just labors and sometimes the laborer needs a helping hand to do the work.

We empathized with them in their plight, join them in spirit before You to impress upon You something that You know already;

That we are weak and as much as we think we know what needs to be done and as much as we want to do it, we are unable in our own power to do anything to make it all go away…to make it all better or even if that’s Your will.

We know not “…how to pray the way we should…” and Father…sometimes question what use our prayers have been as we wait expectantly to see the answer.

But Father…we pray all the same because You say to and that is reassurance that You will work a work.

And when the enemy attacks us and whispers in our ears, lies of uselessness and ineffectualness, or freezes us into silence… making fun of our words or ridiculing the humbleness or simplicity of our demeanor…the natural stammering we have in searching for words… we stand and stand strong because we position ourselves… with faith and trust, confident of Your grace… in the strength of Your might …and he will flee… maybe to come back again…but Father…to the same fate.

May we then, be quick to pray, confidently, knowing that each word offered is a blow to the enemy, and a pathway to nearness with You and our own and other’s peace and assurance…that it is letting it be known to whom we belong and it is a demonstration of our love for You and for one another.

May every word of comfort be a prayer to You…every word of encouragement be one as well…every act of kindness…every helping hand…every sharing in joy…every sharing praise…every pull at the heart for the circumstances, hard or blessed, we witness in other’s lives…may these all be tied to prayer to You.

Create in us a heart and a will that is sincere for good and bring it all to You.

We pray…

In Yeshua’s name…Abba…Dear Father…


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