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Minchah Prayer 10-06-2021

Father…knowing You and that You fully expect us to evaluate the different circumstances of our and other’s lives and make decisions…but that we do so from a heart that You have created in us, to love You and love one another, and a mind to apply the wisdom of Your laws and rulings as practical guides… Father we pray that You would give guidance, through discernment and wisdom concerning the use of what we are addressing, to make decisions that are right and are in unity with the will You have for the outcome.

Father… this may not be to our personal liking or might not be well received by others that our decisions may affect. So we ask for and sincerely want to have a sense, going forward, that You approve…to have peace as we go… because it is our faith You are able to do all things and our trust that You will work our actions into Your good for us and others…so that we can stand strong and not waver in our path.

We want to be strong in faith and trust, and surrendered already to naturally rely on You… to accomplish goodness and righteousness in all we do… Father…in all things… little as well as big.

And so Father we pray for Your guidance in knowing what a decision should be and in the knowing, the will to walk out what needs to be done without faltering… with a heart and mind rooted in Your love and ways.

In the absence of absolute assurance… we pray… and we walk … in the Spirit… trusting that You will determine each step along the way…confirming…

correcting… as we listen and watch, on the alert, for that guidance.

We are all your people, of high station and humble, taking seriously all matters that require decision, whether serious or less consequential, striving to be effective good and faithful stewards of all You have brought into our personal lives, physical and relational and we pray humbly and fervently…and confidently…

In Yeshua’s name…


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