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Minchah Prayer 09-29-21

We thank You Father that as time goes on life goes on.

And Your purposes get closer and closer to being accomplished.

Your purposes are good coming down from above and You do not waver.

Your Word and Your set apart Times You’ve given to us as reminders along the way… that You are able and faithful… of the good You have done and have planned for us… so that we will not forget and we can be glad when day to day circumstances fill our thoughts and spend our energies…and the evil one would use those to separate us from You.

May we draw from Your Word and Your set apart Times through Your Spirit, continual strengthening and energy, glad anticipation and present peace… have “common union” with You and one another as time and life go on,

and daily:

We work or way through our illnesses and reassemble…

We build strong and loving marriages…

We are an example of, and raise up our children in, Your Ways in Your love…

We treat our neighbor and fellow man honestly and respectfully and kindly…

As we work together to be Your light, in all ways, in all circumstances, to neighbors and community and country…

May we do so from hearts that truly are in love with You and wills determined to glorify You.

Thank You Father… Abba Dear Father for Your set apart Times, each day between and for this moment in this day we are at right now…

Blessed are we by You and in praise we offer…blessed are You…Oh Lord our God!

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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