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Minchah Prayer 08-24-22

One only has to travel the roads of this country in which we live Father, and look at the countryside we pass through to realize what a good land we are blessed to live in.

Mile after mile of land carpeted with crops, grains and produce, pasture land covered with flocks and herds, forests of marvelous trees, springs and rivers, broad lakes and small, mountains and valleys rich in minerals…enough abundance to feed and supply a nation and spill over beyond our borders to others far away…

On the plains of Mo’av, Moshe described to the children of Israel the land they were about to enter and it too was just such a land as we have been blessed.

But as he told of the land, and the houses they would build, how they would eat and be satisfied, gain wealth and possessions, through Moshe You warned them that they could become proud-hearted and forget You and Your ways.

You warned that they would begin to think that all they had and all they did was out of their own abilities and strength.

They would think themselves righteous, go about making a name for themselves rather than remembering that the land, their abilities, their prosperity were Your doing… begin to live by their own ways and cease to give You glory.

And sure enough Father…it happened.

Here we are now, here we are in a good land, and here we are now drifting from intimacy with You, not preserving and being obedient to Your ways.

We can ride through the countryside and view natural wonders and manmade, seeing a form of blessing, denying the source of it, giving ourselves the credit.

This is no Eden.

We have bitten from the fruit of pridefulness and self-glory…we would be God.

As You look on Father we pray, you would not respond towards us with the heated anger You had in the desert, towards Your chosen people.

Look upon us as Yeshua did the crowds… as harried ones for whom He had compassion.

Cause Your Spirit to move in our lives to awaken us to our falling away and we be convicted… and we turn away from our worldly ways that are confusing us and leading us into hating our neighbor and not loving You.

May our hearts be turned towards You.

May we prodigals return to the source of true Good and give You glory.

May those who have yet to know You… come to know You.

Look down on us from heaven above…

Forgive our sin… heal our land, please Father … and all that fills it...

we pray in Yeshua’s name,


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