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Minchah Prayer 08-17-22

It’s just a thought Father…but so much about You and what You have done You have left to us to imagine, someday to know.

If the stones can sing and the earth groan, if a seed can come to life is there anything You have created that doesn’t have life within it?

In and of itself a seed lies lifeless.

In and of itself the earth gives forth nothing.

Plant the seed… in the earth… and in that coming together the substance of life in one joins with the substance of life in the other and a unique life form comes to be.

Your seed germinates. A tender shoot grows and breaks the surface of the earth to sun and light, roots grow downward and feed on the strength of rain-soaked soil.

The shoot becomes a stalk. Branches grow out of the stalk and leaves out of the branches… and fruit…seed-bearing fruit.

Isn’t the seed, then, alive and the earth as well Father? How could life spring from lifeless?

By Your design, two living things come together to create a living being to grow and mature and be a source for life itself.

How can this be?…we gently whisper.

We think about You Father and the things You have done. And whether or not we get it right we marvel… and dream on.

Who is like You?!

Father that we would not miss the wonder of something so simple as even a newly emerging plant from the ground…

not miss the pattern, for coming to be and continuing on, it follows…

that creation is about life, about living, about living forever.

May our eyes be open and our hearts be blessed by the beauty You have placed us in…made us able to have a part in.

May we be appreciative and protective stewards.

May we ever be thankful and praising and glorifying You.

You are so good.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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