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Minchah Prayer 07-27-22

Father, we have this day.

May we well spend it.

Reviewing the tasks ahead:

Is there a goal, is it clear?

Have we thought things through, do we have a plan?

Have we all the tools, of our respective trades, gathered that we will need to do the work?

Is everything in the way of materials on hand?

Do we go desiring to help?

Could it be we will need help?

Are we willing to be helped?

Who will we meet today, who will You cause to cross our paths?

Are we attuned to the Voice, willing to listen and obey?

Do we labor to do the job well, skillfully, in a craftsman like manner… the physical?

May we labor in a spirit of gladness to be alive, useful and about doing things… energized.

Can we…will we… adjust to the unforeseen, the unplanned for, without being thrown off track…without agitation, without being disheartened?

May we do so without losing that heart of gladness.

Renew spent energy Father and see us through to the goal.

May we represent You well today Father…

Do work physically and spiritually, the best we can… sign our name to it…

Offer it to You…

Give You glory…

And may You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name Father… we pray…



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