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Minchah Prayer 07-07-21

Father…knowing Your Word and walking under the influence of Your Spirit is the way we should be as Your people.

That knowledge and Spirit should flavor our thoughts and actions.

When we interact with others in order to… do… some… thing… Father, sometimes it requires an offering of time and effort that we would really rather give to some other purpose.

Maybe it seems as though the cost verses the benefit doesn’t justify the effort, in the end no permanent good thing will be accomplished, maybe no personal benefit.

Maybe the involvement pulls us away from commitments already in the works and

affects the expectations of others.

Or maybe our flesh just doesn’t want to be inconvenienced.

And so it becomes a labor of impatience and begrudging and even anger.

As Your children Father, in times and situations like these… that have a way of popping up from time to time, we may be guilty of forgetting to exercise our faith and trust, and to flavor the time and effort of our involvement with the encouragement of Your Word, tears in the night but joy comes in the morning, mourning turns into dancing, all things will work to good, Your mercies are new everyday… and endure forever.

Thank You Father that You are near.

When the impatience and begrudging and anger begin to rise Father… come to our rescue we pray and quell their obnoxious scent and may the Spirit in which we labor be flavored with patience and optimistic willingness and we find joy in the offering.

We will be so Father…come what may.

We love You.

In Yeshua’s name…


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