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Minchah Prayer - 06-30-21

Father, we don the armor that You...our King has provided.

Our skin is too thin to protect against the assault.

The boy David refused to use the armor his king provided.

But then…he battled against a human foe.

The assault comes and we don’t always respond appropriately.

The assault comes from an enemy that knows our weaknesses and at times our reluctance to resist those weaknesses.

And he is patient and watchful and strikes at the opportune time.

He uses the most deadly of darts… vapors of the old nature…lingering about…which if we take just a glance at…and linger just a second longer than it takes… to raise our shield and strike with our sword…will swallow us and defile, bring down… the new man.

So Father…we don Your Armor so that when we are in those moments…we may immediately be aware…and not allow ourselves even the briefest of glances, entertain even the flash of a thought, even the tiniest taste of the imaginings in our minds…

And so“…Withstand the evil day…and stand”… protect from tainting… the temple and spirit within.

Father…may the desire of our hearts be for all You have made for us to experience, not adding to or taking away, but to be experienced and engaged in… in the spirit and for the purpose You intended.

May all else cease to exist.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…



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