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Minchah Prayer 06-01-22

There is a scripture which goes like this:

“…keep on being filled with the Spirit-

Sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to each other;

Sing to the Lord and make music in your heart to Him;

Always give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah.” Ephesians 5:18-20 CJB

The other evening a brother prayed a scripture out loud, one that is dear to me but one I hadn’t thought in my mind for some time…

“…Whom do I have in heaven but You?

And with You, I lack nothing on earth.” Psalms 73:25 CJB

…and it really was like a drink of cool water on a hot, hot day…refreshing… uplifting.

“…My mind and body may fail;

But God (You Father) is the rock for my mind and my portion forever…” Psalms 73:26 CJB

Have you ever noticed after a strong wind blows through the branches of trees, how the dead parts hanging on, are removed and scattered about on the ground? And did it ever strike you… in the wake of that wind… that… to the eye, the trees looked greener, and swaying there in the trailing breeze, within , you had a sense that they were clean and healthy and new?

Father…our Father who art in heaven…Father God…

We are like trees, trunks and branches extending towards the shy…

Out of which grow leaves… living greenery… blessed by Your sunlight above… in turn to be blessing of shade below.

But like Your trees which have parts that become lifeless, brittle and turned brown… at times we experience the weight of troubling, the troubling of this world and it works to deaden our peace and joy.

But then Father, Your strong Spirit blows through stirring us through the melody of a song, or a simple verse spoken by kindred in the Way, that gives us awareness we have reason to be thankful… and our hearts are lifted.

In the wake of the Wind the dead debris has been blown away and within we are renewed…refreshed… given strength.

It’s truly a wondrous thing Father and real… because we rely on You in trust.

Thank You Father for the call and power to minister to one another…

such power You have given us for being encouragement to one another…

such power to fill where there is lack, to bring strength and soundness when our spirits are failing…

such power that brings oneness to us one with another.

Thank You Father.

Thank You we pray.

In Yeshua’s name,



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