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But Master…what choice did we have in all this?

To be born, prone…nay…certain… to sin, inheritors, not by our own choosing, but by inevitable consequence of being born…of a nature and a life that is under a curse.

If the inside of the womb were a screen at which the embryonic eye of newly conceived life could view what awaits, see and know from the beginning that what lies ahead seems as if only failure could be the final outcome… wouldn’t the child recoil and step back into nothingness, Father?

Better not to be born?

But here again…no choice.

A union has taken place…Your Spirit hovers over the deep and You call forth… “Let there be life”. And there is life… emerging up out of amniotic waters into the world You have created.

Now we pass on that evil inheritance to our children and they to theirs and there is no stopping it in and of ourselves…even of knowing there is anything different… of ourselves.

But…waiting…at the door from the womb is not just the reality of troubles, pains, sorrows, short comings the result, not only of our own actions, but those that come upon us just because… is there Father?

Isn’t there also awaiting there, to capture us as we emerge, and companion with us…escort us along the way, Wonderful Deliverance as well?

Isn’t what we missed in the trailer the scene depicting the insight into Your nature that requires punishment… but also has understanding, compassion and mercy?

Didn’t we miss the part that speaks to Your knowledge that we are weak and unable to overcome, in any circumstance, without You?

And didn’t we miss the part where You empower us to do just that?

Did we miss that, though we have no choice about being born into this world or about much of what befalls us… that You do offer choice…

a second birthing into this same world to negotiate all things companioned with You, in the strength You give… a second birthing and life… the end of which…there is no end.

Grant patience Father and hope into which joy and peace are interwoven.

There are so many who are living through great trouble and hardship and things that can, and at times to be sure do, inspire fear and a spirit of hopelessness.

Our hearts go out to them and in moments of quiet privacy their plights tighten our throats and bring tears, convulsing us, not just because of them and what they and theirs have to endure but for ourselves as well, because of a sense of helplessness that we can do no more than plead on their behalf when what we want to do is make it all better.

Grant strength and comfort for them in the thick of their struggles…Father… we pray…and a spirit of assurance and fearlessness about the future.

May we who are blessed with less serious affairs be wholeheartedly thankful that such is so… and out of our less numerous or serious burdens and concerns…there be a free flow from us, to them, through heartfelt prayer and actions You prompt, so we may be a part of that Wonderful Deliverance that awaits our arrival and accompanies us along the Way.

We love You Father…

In Yeshua’s name…



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