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Minchah Prayer 04-06-22

Father…to be in a place…that place finally… where we are satisfied…we are suited…we are meant to be… where we’ve found our interest, what we are happiest doing… where that’s all that matters and nothing else turns our head…where who we are, what we have, what we do…is enough.

How much of our time, our energy, is spent on this pursuit or that and in time what we gave ourselves to… well, the interest has gone.

How long and how many different directions must we go…so far and then no farther…just to veer off onto another path…looking for this diversion or that… before we find that one direction, that one interest that is all that matters, which we settle on, focus on, become productive in… that place, that calling, that gift, that straightens us out, gives direction and we be freed from living helter skelter lives pulled this way and that, lacking vision, a goal, that would give continual meaning to time and energy, loyalty and love and to which we would be steady and true, it never even coming to mind to look around for something else.

Father to find who we are in You, what gifting and skill and interests You have placed in us…to know and accept with gratitude that You have created in us what is best…and be truly happy with that.

Father to be settled and peaceful being with You, happy with who You made us to be and blessed when You do Your good things through us.

We love You Abba…Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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