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Minchah Prayer 03-30-2022

We have in our possession Father, ancient writings etched on parchments, carefully copied and preserved…a record of the beginning of all we perceive around us…of mankind.

You introduce to us Your very Self, how with Your words, through The Word, You brought into existence from nothing what we perceive… physical matter, mountains, seas, flowers and soil… humanity, the greatest of all Your creations… physical flesh and bone and blood with the ability to physically function yet within… invisible… a spiritual creature able to be aware of himself, contemplate his world… within whom are divine attributes of love and compassion, a sense of justice and what is right and good… not just for self but for our fellow man as well. Within Your created human beings is a place meant for A Seed to be planted, to take root, grow and bloom into Your very likeness and image… transform our nature and character into Your nature and character.

These writings preserve for us Your very first conversations with those You created to fellowship with, and the many that followed… conversations with us now and will continue to take place with those yet to come.

Through these writings You reveal to us who You are, Your nature and character, Your purposes.

Universal and unchanging Father… what is good and bad, right and wrong what love is and what “absence of love” is… these are defined.

What is moral and what is immoral is set down, as in stone, for all people, for all time regardless of culture or ethnicity, not legislated by man who is flawed and unable by nature to create or live out a perfect way.

These writings not only lay out the Perfect Way but also the way to it. Within them it is revealed to us the means by which we can experience a change of our very natures and the way to direct connection with You that enable us to be and do what is right and good. Within Your inspired writings Father, is the standard set to be believed in and adhered to that will bring us into right relationship with You and with one another.

How strong the enemy is in deceiving, Father, using the same lie that he started with in the garden, that surely we do not need to obey Your Word, that we can act according to our own mind and ways and we will achieve the same results as You can by Your Ways. How predictable the outcomes Father… peace and goodness and life that has never been achieved.

We are so arrogant Father…fearfully Father…to our own destruction.

Ancient words written and read by candlelight and lantern…are by Your power, still with us down through the ages… through times openly and freely pursued and discussed…through times of overt corruption of correct interpretation and what was written … through fearful times of persecution…and into these times now.

In these days Father we are drifting away and even rejecting the truth and rightness of Your Word. Some are doing this knowingly, knowing full well what the Scriptures are saying…but, for whatever reason, do not abide in them or refuse to believe and trust.

And the rest of us are ignorant of the meaning of the words You have caused to be used, and because we are unwilling, for ourselves, to read and study consistently and persistently…we instead choose to accept what appeals to us out of the minds and mouths of others… choose to listen to the voices of fallible men instead of the voice of Your Word guided by the Spirit You give which is in unity with Your character and nature.

We are treating You and Your Word and Your Spirit, at worst, as if You aren’t really real…at “best” that what we feel is right in our own minds will be acceptable to You.

We perish for lack of knowledge... because we don’t fear You… because there is in us no love for You or laziness in demonstrating it, an unwillingness to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of fellowship with You.

We have come to a place where we require that You bend to us and not we to You.

Father…give us eyes to see that all is not well…that it never has been…that it never will be until we open Your Word, study to know what it is saying and then Father we would engrave it permanently into our hearts and minds…keep watch over it…defend it…proclaim it, share it out loud with words… live it through our actions.

Father… may Your Spirit dwell in us and we pray Father You grant discernment and wisdom concerning spirits of all kinds that we might not be deceived and lead by a false spirit…

For You have taught us that what we are battling is not the physical that we sense but that what we are really battling are “… principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…”

Strengthen us in faith and trust we pray to hold fast and faithful to Your Word.

Reveal Yourself to us Father by Your Word… Reveal Your very nature and character and may the revelation we receive be guided by Your Spirit given us, reminding and illuminating and instructing in harmony with Your nature and character.

May the same Spirit that inhabits Your rules for life, inhabit all the thoughts and words and deeds of our lives… we pray.

May there be a hunger in us to know Your Word…correctly know it and live by it throughout, and in spite of, whatever is to come… Father we pray.

May It be a powerful force in our lives that overcomes the spiritual and physical forces that are in high places and here on earth.

May it form us into likeness of You…bring us close to You.

May it create in us a spirit and physical reality of peace and goodwill towards one another.

May You be loved and honored and glorified…we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…


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