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Minchah Prayer 02-16-22

Father…all the wisdom of the world has its origin in You.

We see bits and pieces of it in everything that has even a hint of good in it…in spite of our enemy’s best efforts to subdue it, hide it, rob You of acknowledgement due You, deny You glory.

We can be duped though Father… through pridefulness and conceit regarding our own wisdom but we pray Father for wisdom to trust in You…wisdom to order all our ways according to Your will and wisdom to acknowledge You as the source of whatever good we do.

To You… be the glory!

So may we all go to Your Word, be prompted and schooled by Your Spirit… regarding Your Ways and Will to be found there.

May we share by example and by word of mouth, with others what You show us there for the right ordering of our lives, that we may live together uprightly and safely… as individuals… as family… and as community.

Grant that we individually and as community would seek and find unity with You and with one another… seeking and obediently applying Your Good Ways in all we do.

May You be pleased with us Father …

May all we do be from a heart of love…

and may You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.



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