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Minchah Prayer 02-09-22

Life is not that bad it would seem for many of us Father.

We can find blessing aplenty.

But that is our perspective. We really don’t understand that from Your perspective it was meant to be so much better.

In fact, no matter how good life may be for us, the more we look around us the more we understand Your servant Moshe had it right:

“All our days ebb away under Your wrath;

Our years die away like a sigh.

The span of our life is seventy years.

or if we are strong, eighty;

yet at best it is toil and sorrow,

over in a moment, and then we are gone.”

A physical malady may never completely heal. One “plays injured” in a world where others are fit and function… taking that fitness for granted because they have never been without it…What kind of life do I get?

A decline of mind and the resultant inability to function normally and the resultant need to be continually supervised will never be reversed… The close one, the care giver… locked in, needing relief, rest, diversion…but day follows day and it never changes.

A wife feels unloved, a husband perceives diminishing value and respect… one watches as the other drifts away. What to do?

Young people make decisions that are harmful and affect them well beyond the immediate and parents look at one another. What should we have done? What more could we have done? What now?

People suffer loss of a loved one. There is nothing to give that will fill that void.

One… many… suffer injustice and they flounder about, looking here and there, wondering why something so obvious and wrong just continues to go on.

These and more, in one form or another, Father… we all experience in season but what to do when we hear of another’s troubles, look into their faces and eyes and and… in just a look or an intonation, we see their situation and find ourselves fumbling about trying to come up with something to say or do that will fix things or relieve them of the burden they are under?

Miracles, signs and wonders we pray for Father…yes…but it is the way of things… we see… that some paths are the only paths there are going to be.

So what are we to do Master?

If we cannot deliver Father, if certain circumstances must then be endured Abba…

Grant us power to provide solace, convey compassion… be an outlet… through listening, through offering attentiveness, soft and tender words, through humor that is appropriate, through some kind of conversation or contact and involvement… possible in their circumstances… that gives one in such circumstances some moments of normalcy, a welcome distraction that lifts the spirit and provides strength and energy and optimism… something to help counter and help endure… a reality that can be overwhelming.

Give us sensitivity to the plights of others… wisdom with words and actions to be able, in harmony with Your will and that which You guide and enable us… to say and do what will lift out of the pit, renew hope, bring a spirit of peace and joy to live their days with.

May there be conveyed, an inner awareness, then, of not being unseen or alone but that they are loved and cared for, alive and ever present in the awareness of others.

May this revitalize.

In the times when we find ourselves in a place that overwhelms, Father, prepare our own hearts that we would be sensitive to the desire in others to minister, as best they can, and receive without embarrassment and with loving gratitude their offering and make use of such a meal for strength to continue our journey.

How wonderful and powerful is Your love for us and how gracious You are for allowing us to be vessels…out of which this love can be offered… for drink and refreshing.

In these days Father, may we become more and more like You…in every way that You would have us be towards one another.

We love You Abba…Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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