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Joy, Peace, Fruit

2nd Day

Father, we pray for joy…and peace…those which pass all understanding…which remain in the midst of all our trials.

Let there be Light in our lives separating us from darkness.

May that great Light rule our days and our nights.

May we grow from seed to seed bearing fruit nourished by life giving Water.

May we be fruitful and multiply in the image You created us, to be living proof of Your great power, of the wonder and awesomeness that You are, the fullness of Your glory in all the earth, under the sky above us and the heavens beyond.

May we labor daily under the sky above us and the heavens beyond to subdue this earth over which You have given us dominion, to love and care for one another, to in all we do, do first with a desire to please You, to be pleasing to You, to glorify You.

In the name of Yeshua we pray for the complete healing in our lives and the lives of those around us, that will make our bodies whole and our spirits as well.

We pray for wisdom and strength, an increased nearness to You as we confess our weakness and place our trust wholly on You, that these be the fruits of our trials.

Guide and bless our decision making, temper our speech with words that build up and bless, not hurt and destroy.

May we not be overwhelmed by our work but deal with our tasks one task at a time, to do them rightly and progress then to the next. May we provide our skills but also, recognize the skills that others have we don’t and enlist them to work, all of us together, in harmony, for common goals.

Make known to us the sins of pride and selfishness, of withholding love, of forsaking that which and those who, would separate us in the relationships of marriage and family and friendships You have given. May we be convicted and broken by that knowledge Father, turn away completely from that wrong focus, remember our first love, value, protect and preserve those worthy loyalties we committed to along the way. Tender the hearts of others Father, to be forgiving towards us and Father, bless us with a heart that can and does completely, sincerely forgive those who have offended us, as well.

Move and work in us Father. We can do nothing good apart from You. We know this very well.

We thank You Abba…Father… for this new day which You have made.

We rejoice and are glad in it.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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