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Elder's Prayer - YHVH is Perfect

You are so good. You are perfect. There is no rightness without You.

In Your Word You teach us what is good and what is evil. You show us through the lives and actions of the people, recorded there, how they both did good and also succumbed to evil. You revealed Your character.

You did not abandon Your creation. You were willing to forgive and forget. You provided a way for them to salvage their lives.

You did not lower the bar. Your ways and Your good remained and remain high, unchanging, forever. They… we… are called to change. We… are to desire and strive to achieve Your higher standard. And You take us by the hand to help us get there if we are willing to take it.

Father, as we probe Your Word and spend time conversing only with You, talk to us. Show us Your Face Lord.

Enable us to truly know what Good truly is, to see it as precious, desire it and do it.

May we be constantly on guard so as to not taint or pervert Your good gifts to us with an evil inclination.

Enable us to grow in knowledge of You and knowing You more, love You more.

Enable us to know and actually feel Your love for us Abba, Precious Father.

Enable us to sense You near   Wonderful One.

You are Good. You are Perfect. There is no rightness without You.

In Yeshua’s name we most humbly pray, Elder

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