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Elder's Prayer - Truth in You

Father, it is a fearful thing, this “rushing to and fro” as knowledge increases. We are searching for explanations of how and when and if, and we think that we can gain them through the pursuit of knowledge. Maybe some things can be. Father, our knowledge, man’s knowledge is incomplete, it is not always correct. Our interpretation of what we see around us and imagine of the past is not perfect. Spirit of God, remind us of this and inspire a spirit of fearfulness and caution in us that would allow us to contemplate and marvel how our Master may have done things, yet not allow our belief and trust to be undermined or hindered in its growth because we haven’t a certain knowledge that we feel is necessary to prove You, Oh God. Thank You Father, for faith that enables belief and trust, even when an explanation, or some understanding, or bit of knowledge is not complete or whether it makes sense in our minds or not. We know that You are. We know You have done the things You have done. We know that You will do the things You say You will do. Your being, Your great and absolute power, Your mighty works, Your perfect character, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, wisdom, justice, love and protectiveness and more are real and do not rely on our ability to comprehend or explain how. May we be in unity this way Father. Strengthen our faith Father so that our belief and trust in You, our unity with You and one another, will not become conditional on gaining knowledge or having an explanation that confirms. Spirit… lead us and be our confirmation in all circumstances. May we never shy from marveling at who You are Father, and what You have done. And may we, all together, continually give You glory, Abba. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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