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2nd Day - Your Wrath is Justified

Father…we are Your creation, Your vision from before the foundations of the world.

And in this life, when we are “born from above”, we are Your offspring.

So much security, so much safety, in being able to say, in knowing, we are Your children.

May we never lose that standing in Your eyes. May we never wander away from You, from Your great goodness, from the opportunity and striving to be like You.

Just as … great and perfect is Your goodness… so… terrible and frightening is Your wrath and judgment.

May we realize that such terrible wrath is justified because there is opposition to such great good in the existence of great evil, an evil so great that humanly we do not comprehend its power and pervasiveness, even when we hear and see of it in the inhumanness of man towards his fellow man.

Father…may we cling to You in love, a love and trust, that allays all our fears.

Watch over us we pray and keep us safe in Your care.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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