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Elder's Prayer - Candle Day 5

Yahweh prunes and He trims. He prunes, to the end that only fruit, good fruit, is produced. He trims with the result that our light can shine brighter and cleaner.

Father, trim Your lanterns. Cut away the burnt and blackened. Freshened and cleaned, touch us with Your pure flame.

Give us the light of sensitivity for the mood, and demeanor, and feelings of others. Light us with the light of discernment concerning the circumstances of others and our own as well. May that discernment kindle within us, empathy and compassion and move us to respond in the way and to the degree You direct. May we trust and obey Your leading. May the Light You give us reveal and be wisdom for us in living with, and loving, our fellow man.

May the warmth of the Flame You strike in us, be felt by our wives and husbands, parents and children, relatives and friends, those who are familiar to us and those who are not.

May we be brightness to them as we laugh with them and cry with them, pay them attention… as we listen with focus, as we speak joy and humor, comfort and uplifting to them… as we seek to know them and value them and respect them… deal honestly and trust-worthily with them.

May Your flame prune from us all… burn away to ash all… that is not of You.

May we become light and warmth and fruit that nourishes, of which You are the source and in Your power only, are we able to be so.

May the countless individual parts and pieces of You creation, living and nonliving, glow in unity with Light brilliantly…dedicated to glorifying You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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