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Cool of the Morning

3rd Day

Father, thank You for the cool of the morning. The light from Your sun makes its way up over the horizon and progresses in  forward motion…illuminating the tree tops, and the ground and the waters, the entire panorama that lies in its path…darkness and dusk retreating before it till all is alight and visible. We watch and experience anew the beauty and wonder of birth… birth of a new day. We pause as Your glory… the glory of… Your creation… falls upon us from above and engulfs us. We are awash in it and we are humbled and amazed… subdued before You… filled with pleasure… overcome. We position ourselves in its path to look into it and feel its warmth on our faces and be filled.

Thank You Father for this new day.

At the end of this day Father, Abba, as the setting sun pulls dusk and darkness back up over us, may we fall asleep closer to You… and closer Father… and closer in loving kindness towards…in harmony with… one another…than when the day began. And may it be so each…and…every… day.

We love You Abba…Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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