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Are we living with You?

2nd Day

The sun sets and light fades Father. A new day begins with oncoming darkness and night.

How should the day end Father, in reflection of its events… taking stock? What did we get done? What remains to be done? Our conduct and our words, the spirit in which we were active, did we do so out of a heart to bless as well as to accomplish our own satisfaction? In the pursuit of our works, can we look back and see that we did so as if what we were doing was something we were doing personally, just for You?

Should we begin the new day evaluating the day we are leaving, just before we close our eyes

Should we not enter into unhurried time with You, searching Your Word, listening with the ears of our minds and hearts for the voice of Your Spirit pointing out what was right and what was not?

Should we not, could we not, enter into moments of intimate conversation as between Master and pupil… Father and child?  “It was good what you did there… and I was pleased, but the other…that was wrong. This is what you do next time to get it right. Trust Me, daughter, son... I’ll be with you.”

Father should we not acknowledge Your patience and guidance… Your mercy and forgiveness with we who are imperfect and prone to fall short but who love You and want to please You?

And should we not give You praise and thanksgiving as we close our eyes and praise and thanks giving as we open them… rested, renewed, calling on You to be with us as we go, our strength and health and healing, our guide and protection, our righteousness and glory?

We should Father and we do… in Yeshua we do.

We love our time with You Abba, Dear Father, our unhurried time with You.

We worship You and praise You and we glorify You

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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