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A Heart of Love Towards You


Father thank You for Your love.

Born into this world we will succumb to the influence and grip of sin. One wrong thing is all it takes and all of Your law is broken. One wrong thing is all it takes and we are finished. The penalty is death. We are doomed from the day we are born because, inevitably, one day and quickly, we will fall to that first sin.

It wasn’t Your intention for it to be so and it wasn’t in the beginning. But it is so now.

You, according to Your perfect purity and just Ways knew we would fail and have to suffer the penalty, each one of us, no escape.

So You provided a Way to overcome that defilement and its penalty.

You freed us from that part of Your law that required death for sin and its defilement.

And the law that once accused and condemned and judged was transformed into instruction for righteous living. The function of identifying evil and its consequence changed and became instead the instruction for good and its reward.

Our inclination and random failings are covered because You make us a new creation with the righteousness of our Redeemer and that new creation is who we now are.

It is because of Your love for us, Your desire for us, Your graciousness and forgiveness towards us… that You are willing to give to us… that when we fall short in our strivings even after making covenant with You, we still have life, can still do good according to Your instructions, that will be counted as righteousness for us.

Who could not fall in love with and love back One who can do that, who is willing to do that and who does do that?

Who would not want… with a heart of love towards You… to do those things which You are pleased by and approve of and which You make known to us so we faithfully strive to continually do them?

You have taken away the condemnation and penalty, created in us a new heart and provided instructions.

Your Spirit is given to dwell with us, instruct and remind and guide us.

By Your Ways and in Your strength we are able to live rightly.

We need only accept You and Your will as supreme over ours, trust in You and accept Your Ways as the rule of our lives each and every day.

We need only have faith that it is possible and is so because of Your grace and mercy and the work of Yeshua alone.

Thank You Father for Your love, that was first from the beginning.

May that part of us, that is Your image in us, grow.

Make it be so that when we love ourselves and others, what we are doing is loving You as well, because it is Your Image we are all created in.

We love You Father because You first loved us.

Thank You Yeshua.

We pray in Your name Yeshua…


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