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2nd Day - We Love You, Father

We deeply love You Father, respect and admire You Father, adore You. You loved us first when we were all You wanted us to be. You love us still though we fell short and fall short.

We admit Father, acknowledge, that the fault lies with us and not with You. We declare to You Father… confess… the wayward thought or word or action… humbled because we know that we grieved You.

But praise be to You Father and thankful we are that You are patient and merciful and forgiving. Thank You for the discipline that reinforces Your instruction, strengthens and tempers us. Thank You for the blessing of life, the wonder and beauty of creation… the flash of color as a bird flies through our vision… the cool clear drops of rain emptied on us from the heavens above. Thank You for provision. Thank You for family and loved ones, trusted close friends and for people within whom You have placed character and attributes, talents and interests that bless us and edify us, give us a different perspective and mature us. Thank You for these living packages, presents we get to open and see what is inside. Thank You Father for Your grace, the satisfaction of Your approval when You make it felt, the spirit of peace and well being we have in knowing we are Yours… that we are safe with You. We are thankful that for all situations You have equipped us with spiritual weapons for successful defense and attack against the Enemy and cultivated in us, spiritual fruit to sustain us in the battles.

And we ask You… humbly…earnestly… we supplicate You Father, on behalf of those in need, of those infirmed, hurting, weak in body, of those who are lonely, those who have fears, those who are unsure, those without direction or purpose. We lift them up to You and fervently plead on their behalf for Your tender mercy, Your compassion and healing. Please do a work in their lives that brings about restoration, rebirth and good… to Your glory and… for their blessing.

You are strong. You are good. You are perfect. We praise You… and We love  You Father…Abba.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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