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2nd Day - True Path

Father, we trusted, took Your hand, left the road we were on and crossed over to the path You wanted us to take.

The two paths seem to run parallel to each other and from time to time they come together but at some point they divide again… and again we must decide, trust and follow the path You direct us to rather than the path that appears to us, at that point, to be the best choice.

As we go with You on the path You lead us on… may we not give in to the lure of a side trail or seeming short cut that leads to that former path… so close… and seemingly going in the same direction… only to find ourselves lost.

May we instead be a people willing and eager to negotiate the route and terrain of the path You have us on, trusting on and obedient to the Map and Guide You have given us, patient and confident and continually moving toward the destination You want to bring us to.

May we that travel together look out for one another, be attentive to one another, so that in our times of weakness or need we will hold each other securely away from those places that exit the Way.

And as that other path appears along side, as we look to it through the side trails, short cuts and hedges, and as we see those who are traveling it… may we call out to them… show them our Map… and testify to the perfect qualifications of our Guide. May they see and hear and cross over.

Father make it so please.

Grant our words and actions… Your power… to break down walls of stubbornness and pridefulness and conditional love, walls of unforgiveness , of the distractions of pain, walls built against our vulnerability to hurt. Break down the walls of fear, the walls that will not allow Your Spirit Father… to take us where we cannot go on our own… the walls, all the walls that separate us from one another and from You. The walls that blind us to that point of cross over, deaf to the sound of Your voice, that imprison us Father…may they fall away and we be free… Good Shepherd… and follow You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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