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2nd Day - The Battle is Ours!

Father we wake with a spirit of contention. Anger is simmering, impatience bubbling up. We thought, “Just put it aside. Go to bed self and in the morning things will look different.” But Father, this morning they don’t. The battle did not subside with sleep. We’ve awaken and it’s going on already. Quickly Father, help us on with our gear. The sword and shield, the helmet and breastplate, the belt and up on feet, standing and engaging, Father, able to fight back, eager to strike back.

“You think you will steal and kill and destroy our peace and joy and hope? Our Father has given us Good News we can stand on, truth we can believe in! We declare and do His righteousness, push back shielded by faith and trust in His salvation! We don’t retreat but attack… with His Word! The battle is ours! He has handed it over to us! “

Thank You Father. Our spirits are lifted and our strength returns. We take up where we left off last night and know in our hearts You will work good for us work good in us, as we determine to trust in You.

May we grow ever closer to You Father, who are worthy of our love and our trust…Oh Wonderful One.

Please Father, watch over us this day. By Your power and through us if it so please You, Comfort the mournful heart. Lift the low spirit. Heal the broken and sick bodies, Father. May the hungry have food, inadequately covered be clothed, those in need of shelter, find shelter. Bring clarity to the confused mind. Give safety to those who travel. Lead us Father, and plant purpose into we who wander. Give insight and understanding and wisdom that we might not be deceived, that we may walk correctly before You and find favor in Your eyes.

Form in us a heart that cares for our fellow man, Oh Father, Oh Abba Father. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” Yahweh our Yahweh. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that takes joy in the beauty and wonder of  Your created world, all of, that and those, in it. Make us sensitive to Your presence, humble and submissive and worshipful before You.

May we enthrone You on praise and glory and honor Father for,

“You are glorious Oh God…glorious Oh God…Glorious in all… of… the earth.”

Thank You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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