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2nd Day Prayer - Unique Children

“I raise my eyes to You. whose throne is in Heaven.”

We give thanks Father, as we accept and take hold of this new day You have given.

Thank You Father for each and every one of Your children, everyone with their own unique appearance and expressiveness and mannerisms in the exercising of the gifts You have given them and for the renewal to our hope and confidence we gain when they share their trust and reliance in You and their experiences of You at work in their lives.

We are rich and strengthened through the gift You have given us of one another. Help us to realize that and be thankful for it. Help us to value that and be protective of it.

Thank You Father, that we can know and feel Your love for us expressed through the love we have and demonstrate towards one another.

And thank You Father that we have Your Word and Spirit to teach and guide us in how to love. Abba, You are so good.

May those yet to surrender, see, and glorify You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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