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2nd Day Prayer - Time with You

Father, as we wake this morning to a new day may the first choice we make be in what spirit we will handle the circumstances of the day, be they new or those ongoing. 

May we take some moments to speak quietly with You before we begin, seek spiritual strengthening from You, from Your presence and Your counsel so that circumstances won’t dictate our heart or our demeanor, so that we will deal with the physical circumstances and the spiritual ones as well, competently and correctly in Your eyes.

And in those moments of preparation with You, Father, may we be filled with a spirit of praise and thanksgiving that will accompany us throughout the day and week so that in our hearts ,we can always smile in difficulty, praise in blessing, and that this spirit, inflowing to us, will outflow to those around us.

Prepare our hearts Father, and enable us to be Your good, guide us to do Your good, because we love You and all those You have created.

How glorious, how marvelous, how wonderful You are Oh God!

Thank You Abba… Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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