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2nd Day Prayer - Thank You Father

2nd day

As we go about our activities today may we see how You are everywhere and may we be there with You.

Everything You have made and made available Father, may we strive to preserve the beauty of it and the purity of it, do everything we can, not to damage or adulterate it.

 Father thank You for Your marvelous, captivating natural world with its variety of shapes and sizes and colors, the tiniest and the grandest, droplets of water, thundering, flowing rivers, quiet wooded hollows and vast open plains, creatures of every kind.

Thank You for planets and stars, distances without end, heat and cold, fullness and emptiness.

Thank You for living, thinking, feeling human beings who can live lives characterized by humor, compassion, excitement, probing curiosity, enjoyment of companionship, defensiveness for those they love, able to love, conscious of something besides the physical, able to recognize and respond to a higher level of existence, built, formed and fashioned to seek and respond to Good, do it and glory in it.

Thank You for being that Good in whose strength and truth we are able to know and be like You.

Thank You that when we fall short of kindness and selflessness, honesty, good thoughts, fair play, reaching out in friendliness and helpfulness and all principles and characteristics You made and are pleased to see in us, thank You that You have placed in us a conscious that pricks us and moves us to be sorry that we have disappointed You and that You forgive and forget.

You make clean again what we have dirtied on purpose or inadvertently.

Thank You that we can take joy from being forgiven as well as be sobered, that You give us another chance to turn away and turn to You.

Thank You Father that You're good and goodness, that You Father, are “untaintable”.

The earth and the fullness of it glorifies You Father and praises You with unceasing, limitless praise.

And that is what we choose to set our minds on this beautiful new day.

Thank You Father!!

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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